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Davis Performing Arts Center

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​​"There is nothing between you and your dreams, but time."
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  • ​​JULY 1-5: MUSIC SUMMER CAMP 2013

The Davis Performing Arts Center was created to nourish and develop the latent artistic talents of disadvantage youths ages seven to seventeen in the Greater Jacksonville Community. By providing training in the performing arts, (theater, music, dance, film, and television), will provide a means by which these young people may pursue their dreams.

​​In the City of Jacksonville, as in the country at-large, there are limited resources for the arts, especially the performing arts, as school and local budgets are cut. Art and music education classes are eliminated in an attempt to meet the budgetary requirement of the cash stripped local and state government. As a result, students who are artistically inclined are left longing for an outlet that would allow them to pursue their interest and develop their skills. Davis Performing Arts Center is that outlet. The Center sole purpose is to fill that void and allow youth to fulfill their dreams.

​We serve at risk and underserved youth ages 7-17 in the Jacksonville area, between the hours of 4p.m-6pm on Monday, Thursday and Friday. We are closed on weekends and holidays. ​​The center ​is located at 2839 W. Beaver Street, Jacksonville Florida 32254.